Wakahisa, Akae née Kurosawa, "Akuma" ([personal profile] imajin_all_the) wrote2015-05-14 01:49 pm

[Private to Yuma]

So, I think you have questions probably.

I'm willing to talk.

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Man, a lot of stuff happened last night I'm not sure where to start.
I'm really curious how you sensed that guy so easily and how fast you moved and that different outfit you were in too.

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Whoa, I find out loads of new things about you all the time!

I also didn't realize you had Numbers Cards like I did until last night.

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...you have a really interesting family.

So you just got them both from nowhere? I guess maybe they kinda came to you when you really needed them, or something like that.
I got all three of mine from Juudai so I've never had one really just come out of nowhere, other than being able to evolve Hope to Hope Ray.

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I remember you saying that during the duel.

I know you've mentioned before, that you didn't have a great life in the past.
Is that how people treated you back then?
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[personal profile] kattobingore 2015-05-14 07:52 pm (UTC)(link)
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I guess if growing up, all you knew was people using you and being awful to you, I can see why you'd feel anger towards everything. That kinda stuff really leaves pretty deep marks in people. It takes a super long time to heal and sometimes may never really heal fully.

But, y'know, I don't think you'll ever go back to that again! No one is useless or worthless and that includes you! I mean, you have a family now, and friends! I think that being able to rise above all that's happened to you in the past shows that you're a super strong person!
Even if you have hatred towards everything, including me, that's fine. It's understandable that it'll take time for you to really fully trust others, but no matter what, I'll always believe in you 100%!

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I believe it can be fixed! Even if not fully, I'm sure you'll find a place where you can feel comfortable with who you are! And even if the you who you were back then leaks through, you have your family and friends here to remind you of the person you are now!

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No problem, Akae!

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Thanks! I'll keep that in mind!
Same to you!