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Undead Nobility? I like that, whoever in my fanbase came up with it. Maybe I'll try and integrate more of a Japanese Heian / Warring States noble outfit in.

Though I'm trying to remember how this Sandtome whatever's Egg strategy works. Every time I try to remember it my brain fuzzes up.
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Summon the Egg. Egg hatches. Big-ass monster comes out.
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Usually when that happens it's so a bad guy can cold cock us with their big stupid ace monster.

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So what you're saying is she's a supervillain out for some convulted scheme of the month.
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Or the infrastructure for the websites is overtaxed due to all the hits they're getting from people watching the tournament.

But it's probably the supervillain thing.
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I'll have to bust out my secret weapon then.
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You have a secret weapon?

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Yes. And I just got it recently too. Kehehehe.