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Wakahisa, Akae née Kurosawa, "Akuma" ([personal profile] imajin_all_the) wrote2016-02-16 05:27 am

[Mini Story]

The two of them wandered the forgotten shrine near the city. The cold wind nipping at their faces as they wore jackets and warm dresses. Neither entirely felt like family.

But being there together, like this, the two felt awkward together, walking over the stones broken and worn down by weather and grass.

Yet, Euphie felt like she was for once doing something that mattered, that helped someone deeply, then something that lay in her own self interest. She squeezed her 'sister's' hand. And Akae, unsure what any of this meant, and hoping it meant something, even if it wasn't romantic love.

The two sat down, on a fallen column, and quietly, together, sipped on the hot soup in the thermoses they were given. Looking at the shrine around them, that seemed to be a place all of it's own, an eternity out of time. And quietly let themselves feel sincerely happy for once. And let the feelings they didn't know how to feel about drift off, something to settle another day.