I. Think I need to sit down.

That wasn't. A Duel. That was an public execution.


So why does a billionaire want a championship belt so bad he's fucking with Isabel and Tomato about it.
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Like Mom said, I feel like I should contribute something to SAI's New Horizons initiative but the only thing I could offer is being a Hybrid and I don't know if I count well enough as that.

Event Post
::This is an Akae lying on the ground before an ancient sacred site surrounded by trees. The place gives you the creeps and she's wearing a morbid black-red-white kimono.::

Yo, Hiiragi.

You looking for something to pad your resume/profile for the Pros?

I feel numb and like I should wear a paperbag on my head.

On the one hand, I sorta get what Sakaki means by Duels should be entertaining.

But it shouldn't be at my expense.

And I'm trending as "Benny Hill Girl" on social media.

kill. me.
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Undead Nobility? I like that, whoever in my fanbase came up with it. Maybe I'll try and integrate more of a Japanese Heian / Warring States noble outfit in.

Though I'm trying to remember how this Sandtome whatever's Egg strategy works. Every time I try to remember it my brain fuzzes up.
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So, did any of you dweebs see the announcement for the Action Dueling World Championship?

I'm applying and I will literally crush someone's neck with my legs if they say I'm not qualified enough.
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Well, Mom's cut back on a lot of the appearances and stuff I was going to do for the next couple of weeks, citing sickness and the like.

I do wish there was another answer besides "Coop up for a while", but at least the metaphorical birdcage is gilded?
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So I went to talk to Mom about having a pet.

And I found her passed out.

And she seems sick. Like sleep deprived. Queasy. Or she's been poisoned.
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What do you do when you find a group of ghost Scapegoats floating around your house and they seem to have taken a liking to you??
So I'm thinking of going to the meeting that Onni and that Hunter are doing. Did you want to come?

I want a date by Valentine's, what do I do.

Also, DON'T SUGGEST RESTAURANTS! I hate those places!
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I suppose I should post more...

I've been feeling lonely lately. It's weird, I never used to feel like this.

Also, maybe this is just me, but when I Duel people that graduate from LDS, a lot of them seem very "by the numbers". Like they play their Decks really well if streamlined.

But if you throw them any curveballs, they stumble and get flustered. I get the impression they were trained off of a production line. Like a boot camp...? I might be reading too much into it.

Like they're really GOOD but do anything that goes off script or disrupts their plays significantly and they start playing really badly.
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I'm graduating. I'm not sure whether to be happy or upset.

Also, I realize I feel comfortable with myself for the first time in my life. Like I'm still full of bile and rage but, I think something better is also down there, now.
::You can either find Akuma/Akae at:

A) The island's monorail station looking annoyed, at a chair.

B) Sitting The stairs of the Female Osiris Red Dorm, sitting annoyed.

C) Sitting at the city's monorail, looking over her shoulder. Drinking some sort of coffee, plucking at her collar.

Either way, she's annoyed.::
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Is being giddy and Dueling a lot a sign of concern for someone.

Because I swear I just saw this Red-Blue themed Samasu go through three or four Duelists, using this giant Chess Piece monster to end each Duel.
So, I think you have questions probably.

I'm willing to talk.
Ugh, one of my dorm mates is insisting she saw a UFO abduct one of the bears.
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... Sakaki.

Why were you dueling the top executive of the second biggest Dueling firm in Japan.


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