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So why does a billionaire want a championship belt so bad he's fucking with Isabel and Tomato about it.

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I smell new mystery.

Or is possible he wishes to stand atop multiple worlds?
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Mmm? Maybe? But is maybe more satisfying to do it himself?

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I... Guess?

Seems like lot of trouble and attention for something weird.

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Ay, yes.

Have been finding out recently.
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It's pretty simple, isn't it? From a business perspective, if he owns the title belt or even gives her a good run for her money (unlike her last challenger) while he owns an institution like LDS?

It's a big 'hey, look at what our boss can do, we can make you like this too.' sort of deal. Putting himself out there and making a scene is a genius decision because now we're all talking about it.
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Why hire the champ when you can BE the champ? He looks tough enough to be able to take your sister on.

I'd buy personal bull with that tomato haired kid, but why drag her into it? I'll believe something bigger if someone has something plausible.
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I wish I had the confidence to try and make a bet with you on that.

But I don't.
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He's a huge jerk and a control freak and wants to hold something above everybody's head 'cause he's from LDS so of course he does.
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