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I guess I should get Grave something as thanks for that Dragoctyus I pulled.
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I really hope being labelled a "Rival" causes something stupid to happen to me, like getting targeted by weirdos.

... Wait a sec, I think I just heard something...

Edit: Grave, uncurse me and Un-Rival-ify me!

Also, has anyone seen a weird business card with a D on it before?

Private to Sadame
Can you come by my Dorm Room later?
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::So Akuma's sitting in an Osiris Red outfit, against a statue, flicking through cards near the front entrance of the island Duel Academy, trying to arrange her Deck. She does in fact have a Deck Case with her.

A casual observer will notice she has Zombies, Guardians, Vampires and Spirit Monsters among the cards she's thumbing through.::
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::So either at a cafe or at the front of the school, you can find Akuma reading a bunch of books. They contain titles such as "How to be a Sister", "Your Mom is having a Baby" and "How to be good with Children". She seems a bit perplexed by the reading material.::
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I am baffled that I didn't have to fight to get my important card back...
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[Journal Post]
... Have you ever woken up and felt like something just didn't feel quite right?

[Event Post]
::So at the Academy, Akuma is handing out fliers of Crazy Box, which since she has no art skills whatsoever, looks awful. And asking you if you've seen this card. Or if you know any girls with red bob cuts. That might like butterflies.::
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What's a Gnome Day Plume?
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How do you find a person who was in disguise that stole your property, when they're probably not in disguise.
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Tch... can't even hold onto a card...
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So Shiroko's planning on taking me out to Street Duel for 'girl time' together.
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I tried smiling today.

Everyone at school asked me who brainwashed me, and said it looked unnatural.
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... Oh great, people are calling me and Futaba sisters.
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... How did I get re-enrolled for another year in High School.
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I know this is probably a stupid question.

But let's say you're an orphan.

How do you find out where you came from? When leads with the police have dried up?
... Do I really make people think of a Yakuza?
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A woman cat person in trashy clothes tried to attack me.

I killed it.

I got a card called "Chaos Xyz: Twin-Tail Cat Mistress Nekomata".

[Dual Post]

May. 2nd, 2013 10:30 am
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... Tch. I suppose this is awkward to ask, but.

How do you go around not being a. Bitch, I think it is?

Event Post
::So in the park, you find Akuma/Akae/Whatever her name is. She's sitting at a bench fuming. Why is she fuming. Well. She seems to focus, and PLONK, an Eagle Head dress forms on her head. It seems to make her feel sour. Immediately dismissing it.::
::So, you end up dreaming, but you find yourself in the middle of a graveyard at night. It's kind of a mix of Western and Eastern sorts of Graveyards, a mixture of headstones and family memorials, but the names all seem to be worn away or cut off. As you wander through this twilight enviorn, you find yourself pulled towards it's center.

And at the center is a girl. Probably still looking very young. And she's sitting at a fountain. A majestic obsidian and onyx fountain of skulls and bones. Draped in a simple white robe, she sits there, holding a skull in her hands. But it's unusual because it has a spiraling horn. As much as you'd think this is normal for her, she is quite nervous.

Approach, traveler of dreams!::
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Enough is enough, fine.

One of you, whatevers, I need help in scholastic studies.
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Oh thank you god, I can remember directions and money again.


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